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Get a domain name trading expert involved. Some domain names are sold for $100s, some for $1.000s, while some are sold for $millions, simply because not all domain names are created equal.
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What is going to be the cost of your domain names?

Top 10 highest sales ever at $49.7M in 2010 at $35.6M in 2010 at $35M in 2007 at $30.1M in 2012 at $18M in 2009 at $17M in 2015 at $16M in 2009 at £9.99M in 2008 at $14M in 2008 at $11M in 2001

Top 10 highest sales in 2018 at $3.5M in 07/2018 at $2M in 12/2018 at $1.2M in 02/2018 at $1.150M in 01/2018 at $900.000 in 12/2018 at $750.000 in 12/2018 at $750.000 in 03/2018 at $700.000 in 11/2018 at $700.000 in 08/2018 at $550.000 in 07/2018

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Top 10 highest sales in 2019 at $3M at $900.000 at $435.000 at $402.500 at $370.000 at $350.000 at $250.000 at $250.000 at $250.000 at $140.000

How important is a domain name?


A domain name is an asset/a property

Naming a business is a lot like laying the cornerstone of a new building. Once the cornerstones is already in place, the entire foundation and structure is aligned to that original cornerstone.

A domain name is more than just a web address; your domain name is your property. Either you are investing, starting a Web-based tech business, an offline or traditional business, it all starts with a great name and its legal authorization. Choosing the right domain name for your domain name investment portfolio, your business or new project/service is vitally important to the success of your business. The future of your investment/business may be at risk if you don't name it right the first place. Partner with Nametorize now and let 16+ years industry expertise works for your best advantage.